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Sir Henry or "Hank", a 2005 Andalusian TB cross seen here schooling half-halt forward, shoulder in, and schooling haunches in right canter which leads into haunches in on the large circle. This exercise is preparing for canter pirouettes. You also see Hank working on jaw flexions in counted walk. This is a sensitivity and balance improving Boucherist exercise that is a great prep exercise for any horse's initial piaffe work. There are two short half step sequences toward the end of this particular clip that shows how the counted walk can help school the piaffe. Thanks for watching!

This video from Dec. 2010 shows Verso schooling all the movements of PSG at 10 years old. Trained from first level entirely by David Donnelly of French Light Dressage between Feb. 2009 and march 1, 2011. Verso clearly displays the lightness to leg and hand, and full body gymnasticity that can only be achieved through correct classical training.

A 3-year old friesian gelding shown here in his first dressage test at GMHA 2011